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Everything that you could want to know about coming to Finlay Park with a school camp.

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Information for Teachers

We know that organising and getting a school camp off the ground is a heap of work so here is a good place to start. We would love to have you at Finaly park but no matter where you end up have a look at the example school program that we have If you don’t come and stay with us you are welcome to use this as a starting point for a your program. When planning a school camp we understand the importance of keeping students safe and this forms a significant portion of our planning. Please do have a look at the activities to see what you can challenge your kids with, and the cabins onsite to house them during their exciting stay. There is plenty more information on the school camps page, including the all-important pricing information. Please do check it out. The Team at Finlay park would love to share your next camp with you!!! Contact us now if you have any more questions or to make a booking. Enjoy!

Information for Parents

Sending your child off to camp can be a daunting prospect for some parents/caregivers but be assured your teachers, and all the staff at Finlay Park, are all there to provide a safe, challenging and memorable experience for your child and the all-important adult helpers too. Make sure that you are involved in the meetings before camp so you understand what activities are to be offered, where they will be sleeping and so you can help pack. Having questions is great!  Be sure to immerse yourself in the planning and talk to your teachers before camp so that you are relaxed in your child’s absence. Have a look around camp now with your child to help with the layout of the camp. If you are lucky enough to come to camp as a helper we are sure that you will have a great time too. If you are helping supervise an activity please ensure that you listen to the instructions and ask questions if required. Under the directions of your teachers please be involved where you can, there is nothing as hilarious for kids on camp than to see a parent hurtling down the flying fox, screaming their lungs out! Have fun and be a kid again.

Information for Campers

Ok so you are excited! We get that! We love camp as much as you will too.

Check out the activities Finlay Park has available!

Talk to your teachers about what activities your camp is going to do.

Think about what activities you really want to go on and maybe even the activities that make you most nervous. It is ok to be nervous and your teachers will be there to support you through it all. The go karts are a must.

You want to check out our cabins too – so you can put dibs on your bed and be next to your BFF. Or even take a tour now so you can find where everything is.

Challenge your friends to complete all the activities … it will be awesome!