Internet access at Finlay Park

Now available!

There are heaps of better things to do at Finlay Park than spend time on the internet. But we do realise that there are time when you just cannot get away. So we have worked with Zenbu and Lightwire to provide internet access at Finlay Park. Internet access is available in and around the main dining room, extending into the program room.

View Zenbu Balance

To Access the Internet.


Get voucher from the canteen

You can buy an internet access voucher from the canteen or Finlay Park Staff. These vouchers allow varying amounts of internet access. Internet access is provided for adults only, access will not be provided to campers.

Connect to the Zenbu_Finlay_Park wi-fi

While you are in the dining room connect to the “Zenbu_Finlay_Park” wireless.

Open your browser

Enter your voucher number when prompted zenbu

You will have internet access

Your device will now have internet access

Zenbu Data Balance

If you are logged into Zenbu at Finlay Park your usage balance will show here.

Cell Phone Coverage

Vodafone cellphone coverage is very limited at Finlay Park Camp. There is marginal coverage at the chapel and the main gate. Please be aware of this limitation if you are bringing a Vodafone cellphone to camp. Spark and 2degrees have full cellphone coverage through camp

Why don't you provide internet access for campers?

One of the major advantages of a camp experience that Finlay Park provides is the opportunity to participate in activities that campers (and adults) don’t have access to on a daily basis. From the challenges of the activities, sharing meals with other campers, sleeping in a different place and just hanging out.  Its all about the experience. We know it is exciting and campers want to post to facebook and tweet about the day but now is not the time. It is time to live in the moment. Enjoy the experience. Post the updates when you get home.

Why is the amount of data limited?

Being in a rural location the internet is still relativity expensive and limited in speed. To help provide an acceptable experience for all there are limits on the amount of data that can be used. Each voucher will specify how much data can be used for that voucher. And anyway, what are you doing on the internet? Get out there and enjoy the Finlay Park experience.

What is a Megabyte?
A megabyte is 1,048,576 bytes. A byte is a way of measuring digital data. Just as you can measure milk or petrol in litres, distance in metres or kilometres, you can measure digital data in bytes or megabytes. Every English character can be stored in one byte. So a megabyte (MB) is the equivalent of 1,048,576 English characters. Images, video and audio files require lots of bytes to store and transfer. On average people who have recently purchased credit online have used 53.31 MB each hour they were connected (downloaded 46.72 MB and uploaded 6.59 MB). Of course this can vary widely depending on what the person does (watching or downloading movies would be much more expensive, sending only textual emails even cheaper) but these figures are the averages from the real users who have recently connected at our wireless zones. Basically if you do not download large files (don’t watch or download videos, update software or leave file sharing software running) and just use websites like Facebook, Trade Me, NZ Herald, Google, your email etc normally you should find the connection to be cheap and fast. We recommend disabling automatic software updates as the updates are often large, not generally essential and downloading them can use a lot of data quickly. You can also save a lot of bandwidth by turning off images and plugins like Flash® (turning off plugins is a good idea for security too!). Many websites use images and plugins mostly for displaying ads and it is generally the transfer of such files rather than the basic website itself that uses the most bandwidth. You should be able to easily display any images you actually want to see on demand from within your web browser.
I am trying to login using an access code that I obtained somewhere else but it isn't working. Why?

An access code received from staff at a Zenbu wireless zone may only be used at the zone(s) for which it is valid. You will be unable to login using an access code obtained from a zone operator at any other Zenbu wireless zones. Contact Finlay Park Staff for an access code valid at Finlay Park.

Access codes which are purchased online can be used at all Zenbu wireless zones.

Can I use my credit card to purchase internet access?
Zenbu does offer this facility. When you purchase through your credit card Finlay Park receives 50% of the amount charged to you, and Zenbu the other 50%. Why not grab a voucher from Finlay Park and then Finlay Park keeps 100% of the income that can be used to cover the costs of our internet access.