Adventure Activites

Looking for the activities available at Finlay Park well here they are. From the extreme of the Rocket and the blob. The challenges of the climbing wall. The sedate kayaking. And the beautiful glow worms trips.

Kayaking on Lake Karapiro

When we take your group on beautiful Lake Karapiro and explore the Pokai Whenua stream you are guaranteed a great experience. Our trained staff will instruct the group in the basics of kayaking. We use a variety of games on the water to give your group competence and confidence. Depending on the program we spend up to two hours with your group on the water. We have 30 kayaks, 3 Canadian canoes, and lifejackets for all sizes. Instructor included

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The Rocket

Hang on and hold tight! The rocket is a five person inflatable that gets towed behind one of our Ski boats. Great fun, just try not to fall off. Instructor included.

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The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a whole new experience. Hope on and hang on tight for the ride of your life behind our ski boat. The further back you go the more extreme the ride. Instructor included.


Paddle Boarding

Extremely popular new activity. Great for teaching water confidence, balance and just having a great time on the water with your group. Dependent on season, as you will spend some good times in the water!



A great team building experience which combines lots of fun, skills, floating, and competition into one. We will take your group up river where they will assemble their rafts from wood and car tubes. After completing their rafts they will race back to camp on their rafts. In winter time we can provide dry rafts to keep your children out of the water. Instructor included.

The Blob

A huge inflatable balloon in the lake with a jumping tower. For the real thrill seekers who aren’t scared to be launched out over the lake. One person will sit at the far end of the Blob while two others jump off the tower onto the Blob, launching the person at the end of the Blob into the air. A great spectator sport!

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Pool inflatable obstacle course

Walk the plank! A twenty metre inflatable log in the pool for all ages to test their balance and agility. With markings on the log to measure your distance. Great for competitions or just have some fun.

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Village Pool

New for 2015 the village pool. Set in the middle of the village perfect for cooling off after a hard day camping or relaxing.

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Spa Pool

Enjoy a relaxing Spa in our covered 40 seat spa pool. Nothing can be more relaxing after a day of adventure. Available on request in summer (might incur extra charges)


Climbing Wall & High Ropes

An 8 metre climbing wall inside our big gymnasium where, with our instructor, you can climb three different gradients. We also have two Prussic lines to test your fear of heights. Now also a new addition to our climbing wall “High Ropes” indoors. If you want to learn to conquer your fear of heights than this is the way to do it. It will test your skills and balance. Safety is provided by a continuous mono rail overhead, so there is no need to switch ropes or karabiners. Instructor included. Now also included on request (for older groups) “The Crate Climb”; a great personal challenge for anyone with a fear of heights. While attached to a safety rope and a climbing rope you will climb and stack crates until you fall off!Abseiling Experience our abseil site across the river. Make your way down an eight meter cliff face, instructed by our well trained staff.


Go Karts

Test your driving skills on our purpose built go karts around a concrete track. Our instructors will show you how to drive and try and keep you on track. Instructor included.

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Shooting, Archery & Axe Throwing

Test your aim in our shooting and archery ranges. We have a number of air riffles to shoot at our targets. Our instructors will show you how to load, aim, and shoot safely. The shooting range is covered so is a great rainy day activity.

Once you have mastered the air rifles the move across to the enclosed archery range to test your skills. There are standard or recursive bows available for a wide range to strengths and abilities.  

And then just to top off the skills session, Axe Throwing! There is nothing quite like watching a custom throwing axe as it spins away from your hand and sticks with a satisfying THUD into the target. Suitable for most ages above 5 and skill levels…. come and try it out

 Instructor included.

Animal Survival

Each group member will be assigned a different animal and then loaded onto our barge and off to the vines and mud of Skull Island. Here you must compete against others to find different food stations while trying to stay alive. Your animal type will determine who you can kill, or who can kill you. This is a great game where only the fittest (or sneakiest) will survive. Groups up to 45 can play this game. Instructor included.

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Out camp

Out camp Experience

This bush hide out is a great place to get your students the outdoors, back to basics, fun and adventure experience they need. Part of this amazing experience is a two hour “hike in” to arrive at the location surrounded by tea tree and a beautiful stream. On site anything is possible from bridge building to bivouac making, and anything else that you might like the students to experience in this amazing place.

Top Town Games

Challenge yourself and others in various team games. Up to six groups can compete against each other at various challenges around camp. The challenges will test your creativity, coordination, puzzle solving skills, and team work and will take up to 2 hours. A great activity for large groups. You are welcome to use our gear for free or for a small charge we can provide an instructor.

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Power station Study

A fascinating study about one of the first power station in the North Island, with national film archive footage, a unique model of the area around Finlay Park between 1910 and 1947, and a hands on experience for students.


Sling Shot Paint ball

Awesome game where students will quickly learn the importance of strategies and team play. One of the most favorite activities among schools.

The Adventure Trail

A short (45 minute) Bush walk following a small stream through a glow worm gorge (Glow worms only at night). Great walk to teach your group about team work and survival.

Glow Worm Trip

Admire NZ’s native glow worms on a boat trip. We take 35 people per trip after sunset and spend up to one hour admiring and learning about these glowing creatures. Instructor included.

Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari

Another NZ first; the mountain fully enclosed by a pest proof fence to preserve NZ’s native bird life. Experience NZ bush, a 16 meter high award winning viewing platform overlooking the tree tops, and NZ bird life. The Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust can provide insightful guides for your group, but you need to book them well in advance. We can organise transport if needed.


The Slides, Flying Fox and Confidence Course

These three awesome activities are all free! Our almost 30 meter slide will be a challenge for any adventure seeker who likes to combine adrenaline with water. The flying fox will test your fear of heights and speed, and the confidence course is a great team challenge especially when it is combined with our bridge crossing activity. These are “must Do” activities when you stay at Finlay Park. No instructors needed and training procedures for adults are provided by staff. dsc_2289 dsc_2295