The accommodation at Finlay Park is Flexible based on the size and make-up of your group.

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Finlay Park recommends that children under the age of 9 years old, and anyone with a sleeping disorder like sleep walking should not sleep in a top bunk bed, in accordance with the AS/NZS 4220:20 10 bed standard.

Lagoon Suites

Number of Suites: 4
People per cabin: Suites 1 has 2 single beds, plus a small kitchen.  Suite 2 has two bunks and one single bed accommodating 5 people.  Suite 3 has one bunk and two single beds accommodating 4 people. Suite 4 has a double bed, plus a small kitchen
Ensuites: Yes

River cabins

Number of cabins: 4
People per cabin: Cabins A, B and C sleep 10. Cabin D sleeps 12
Ensuites: Yes

Lake Cabins

Number of cabins: 10
People per cabin: 8
Ensuite: No
Other: Under floor heating.  Male and female toilet blocks located centrally between the 10 cabins, 5 cabins either side.


Number of cabins: 8
People per cabin: 10
Ensuite: No
Other: Male and female toilet blocks located within 20m of all down a hallway.