Easter is a very special time for Finlay Park and this year will see the entire camp filled again. For those of you who know the history of Finlay Park (TLDR there is a video too) you will know that it was originally set up for one camp per year, Easter. Since that time a lot of things have changed, the mud floors have gone and there are more buildings but some things have remained the same…

  1. Finlay Parks purpose of sharing the love of Jesus to all who come to use Finlay Park
  2. Finlay Park’s commitment to puting on the best Easter camp every single year

And the work has begun. Head on over to www.ecamp.co.nz to see what is being planned for eCamp this year and all the info that camper and leaders need.

The work has also begun for the staff at Finlay Park. There is a lo to do and approx 900 campers rely on everything  working to its maximum capacity.