Welcome to eCamp 2017

Thanks for agreeing to help out at eCamp this year.  This page will be your go to information for what you need to know for eCamp….

Activity Times

2:30 – 5:00

1:30 – 4:00

1:30 – 4:00

Ally Finlay ActivitiesPoolRaft OrganiseRaft Organise
Anni ReihartActivitiesBlobKayakingShooting
Anna GarriesActivitiesSlideFlying FoxBlob
Annie PerryActivitiesBalanz BikesPool
Emerson BredinActivitiesPaddle BoardsSpotter
Greta HallActivitiesClimbingFlying FoxBalanz Bikes
Haylee BrownActivitiesRaft OrganiseRaft OrganiseZorb
Iwan HeibertActivitiesShootingShooting
Yasmin HallActivitiesRaft OrganisePoolGo Karts
Jayden MulderActivitiesBlobClimbingKayaking
Jefre PothanActivitiesClimbing
Mia HallActivitiesKayakingBalanz BikesPool
Michael MorganActivitiesZorbGo KartsRaft Organise
Mindy WetmoreActivitiesPaintballBlob
Rebecca FrostActivitiesSlideSpotterPaintball
Richard yarndleyActivitiesFlying FoxGo KartsRaft Organise
Scott FunkActivitiesSpotterPaddle Boards
Shelley HallActivitiesSpotter
Tegan MurphyActivitiesGo KartsSlideFlying Fox
Tim PurchaseActivitiesGo KartsBlob
Tommy PerryActivitiesRaft OrganiseZorb
Zachary RickerActivitiesFlying FoxRaft Organise
Olivia HaycockActivitiesBalanz BikesPaintBallBalanz Bikes
DecklandActivitiesSpotterBalanz BikesHydro Slide
Ian Activities
Erin ActivitiesSupervisionRocket
JamesActivitiesRocketPaddle BoardsRafting
DebbieActivitiesPaddle BoardsRaftingPaddle Boards
AnneActivitiesShootingSupervisiongo Karts
Jonathan ActivitiesZorbPaintballShooting
Ally Finlay DutiesWash Up AreaToilet Evening Check
Anni ReihartDutiesToilet ChecksSinks and Dishwasher
Anna GarriesDutiesBins
Annie PerryDutiesSinks and Dishwasher
Emerson BredinDutiesFood Bins & Pigs
Greta HallDutiesToilets EveningWash Up Area
Haylee BrownDutiesWash Up Area
Iwan HeibertDutiesBins
Yasmin HallDutiesBins
Jayden MulderDutiesToilet ChecksBins
Jefre PothanDutiesToilet Evening CheckFood Bins & Pigs
Mia HallDutiesBins
Michael MorganDutiesFood Bins & PigsBinsFood Bins & Pigs
Mindy WetmoreDutiesFood Bins & Pigs
Rebecca FrostDutiesWash Up Area
Richard yarndleyDutiesBinsToilet Checks
Scott FunkDutiesToilets EveningToilets Check
Shelley HallDutiesToilet Checks
Tegan MurphyDutiesSinks & Dishwasher
Tim PurchaseDutiesSinks and dishwasher
Tommy PerryDutiesToilet Evening Check
Zachary RickerDutiesSinks and Dishwasher
Olivia HaycockDutiesToilet Evening Check
DecklandDutiesFood bins & Pigs
LenaDutiesToilet Checks
Ian Duties
GusDutiesToilets Evening
JoshDutiesToilet Checks
Erin Duties
AshleighDutiesToilets Evening, PoolsPoolsPoolsPools
MatthewDutiesBinsWash Up AreaWash Up AreaSinks
JamesDutiesToilet ChecksFood Bins & PigsBins
DebbieDutiesWash Up AreaToilet ChecksToilet ChecksWash Up Area
KaylaDutiesToilets EveningSinksToilet Checks
AnneDutiesToilet ChecksBinsToilets Evening
Jonathan DutiesSinks and DishwasherFood Bins & PigsToilet Checks
NoahDutiesSinks and DishwasherToilets EveningToilet Checks
JoDutiesToilets EveningBins

Duties explaination

WASH UP AREA; Set up buckets with disinfectant, rags, toilet brushes, and other cleaning product. Inform group how to do the clean up. Tidy all equipment after duty. Make sure all duty groups arrive and return.

Time: after meal time

TOILET CHECKS; Check all toilets after duty group has been through. Top up soap and toilet paper. Where needed redo the toilets.

Time: after meal times

BINS: Check all bins, kitchen and camp and empty in big skip, if needed waterblast bins to keep flies and wasps to a minimum.

Time: before and after meal times

FOOD BINS AND PIGS: Check all food bins every meal time, especially in dining hall and kitchen. Feed the pigs and clean all bins.

Time: before and after meal times

SINKS and dishwasher: Fill all sinks with hot water and detergent. Replace water frequently, and remove with suction tank. Turn on dishwasher 15 minutes before meal.

Time: at meal time

Toilet evening check: after night meeting. Close main block for girls only.

Time: After 10 hose all floors and sqeegee.

Activities explaination

   Continuous   Unlimited People

Get the kids with life jackets on and ready to go on the next boat that comes past. As the boats come into the lagoon find a group that want to go on what is coming in. eg 6 people on the rocket, 2 for biscuits etc. As the boat comes past the raft and you have hooked the rope get the previous riders to jump off and swim in to the ladder. Pull in the inflatables while the prev riders are swimming and load up the next group.


  • Everyone must wear a life jacket – Check the jacket for a good fit before the rider gets on to the ride
  • No swimming in the off the jetty
  • All boats will come anti-clockwise around the lagoon
  • Keep the number of people on the last raft to a minimum, usually just the next riders. This will help you with managing the hook and ensure the raft does not get swamped.


 Record numbers   Continuous   Unlimited People

Service Before Lunch

 Record numbers   60 Mins  20 People

 Record numbers   Continuous   Unlimited People

 Record numbers   60 mins  35 People

Pickup From Gate

 Record numbers   Continuous   Unlimited People

 Record numbers   60 mins  35 People

  Continuous   Unlimited People

  • Inflate tubes well before act time
  • Only people with Zorb Ball on allowed on the field

 Record numbers   60 Mins  30 People

  5 mins each turn   Unlimited People

 Record numbers   60 Mins  20 People

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